by countingdowntildaddy

If you are my friend on Facebook (which I think 99% of my readers are) you know that we found out about a week ago that I am carrying twins. This news was surprising, but not completely unexpected considering I had some weird “twin” feelings early on. Everything I felt could have been attributed to the differences in each pregnancy, but it was always in the back of my mind. Jay held fast to the theory that twins were nearly impossible considering there is no family history and we were not using any kind of fertility medication (clearly we need none of that). He says that he did start to think there was a slight chance when I started showing just before 19 weeks. With my other three pregnancies I was still wearing regular clothes until after week 20. But of course the early bump popping out could have been because I have been pregnant four times in the past five years and my body has caught on to this game.

Regardless, there was no mistaking the existence of twins at the ultrasound last week. Jay flew out of his chair and demanded to know the sexes. I stayed flat on the table with my hands over my face as I was overcome with nervous laughter. Although we were going to wait until the birth to find out the sex this time, the twins news was surprise enough. We found out that it is a boy and a girl. I get to use all of the clothes again! Yay!

So, we were both pretty shocked and spent the day in a weird adrenaline fog. Twins are cool, but FIVE kids??? Under five (technically only for a month or so – Madeline will turn five about a month after I am due)??? We were definitely excited and proceeded to call and text family before making a Facebook announcement. After that it was hard to be anything but excited. The joy expressed in the comments on my post, as well as the excitement exhibited by friends sharing our news, was contagious. We are still existing somewhere between shock and reality and it is a good place to be. No reason to freak out considering that won’t get us anywhere. That being said, that night I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and never fell back to sleep. I finally got out of bed at five and had a greek yogurt and liter of water to start off my daily requirement of a million grams of protein and a gallon of water.

At least I have an excuse to add to my “library!”


Immediately after hearing the news I thought about what this will mean for the birth. My plan (should the babies cooperate and settle into good position) is to go ahead with another natural delivery. From everything I have read so far, as long as baby A (the first to be born) is head down, I should be able to deliver them both vaginally. I will most likely deliver in the OR in case an emergency C-section is necessary, but a combined delivery (one vaginal and one surgical) actually only happens in about 4% of cases. While this twins news should be a warning about assuming I will fall on one side of a particular statistic, I am adopting a very optimistic attitude about the whole thing. I have some recommendations from the birth center than I was going to use for a couple of OBs and a midwife, so that should be a good start. I have another ultrasound tomorrow to take a better look at the placentas to determine whether they are fused (this should not matter because from what I’ve read, while twins with fused placentas could share nutrients, it doesn’t ever actually happen…we’ll see) and then I will pick a new provider.

For now it seems I have another “birth saga” on my hands. And here I thought it would be an uneventful water birth at a birth center and I would be home 12 hours later. Now I am hoping to get to 38 weeks with at least the first baby positioned head down, I will be subjected to a lot more monitoring than I was anticipating, getting much larger than I ever have before, and likely butting heads with at least a nurse or two over things like continuous monitoring and IVs. The one baby blanket I started to crochet won’t be enough, and at my pace I would never be able to finish two. Thankfully my mom stepped up and is working on one for baby girl. We will actually need stuff, like another car seat, crib, high chair… I joined a Birthing Multiples Naturally group on Facebook today and it is already proving to be a wealth of information from experienced mamas. So far, so good!

Stay tuned!