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So, where were we. Since my last post I have picked a new provider. I actually went with the OB that the birth center recommended over the practice with midwives. I surprised myself with this decision, and actually went into the consultation with the OB not wanting to like her. She is a solo practitioner, which leaves open the possibility that I could drive 45 minutes to an appointment, only to have to reschedule because she got called to a delivery or something. That happened to me once in Key West, but the office was no more than a ten minute drive so it wasn’t a big deal. Also, she is an OB, and I prefer the approach midwives tend to have. That being said, after I met her I had to go with my gut and she was it. I could have gone home and mulled over the decision and made a pro and con list, but I think I would have come to the same decision. Not to mention I needed a “permission slip” to get dental work done the day after the consultation and it was easier to just get it then and there (that’s not really why I picked her, but it did make things easier). The plus to her being in practice by herself is knowing that she is the doctor I will see when I go into labor. At the other practice I would have seen midwives, but an OB would always be involved. I would not get to know all of them as well and apparently some are not that keen on potentially delivering a second baby breech.

I talked to the doctor about my concerns and she was awesome about explaining why doctors  who normally do C-sections for breech singletons will do a breech delivery of a second twin (twin A’s head opens everything up, making the possibility of things getting stuck with twin B much lower).  I asked her how she felt about me opting out of an epidural. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal at all. I mentioned that I understood I might have to go under general anesthesia if things turn surgical, but she was quick to explain that it would only come to that if there was an emergency. While the combined delivery scenario is rare, it isn’t always emergent. In that case there is time to place an epidural or spinal. I told her that while I understand twins are a special circumstance, I  don’t want to be treated as more “high risk” than I actually am. She looked at me and more or less said, “Duh.” I think that’s when I knew she would be the one.

At my 24 week appointment we learned that Baby B (the boy) is in a breech position. No biggie. I can deliver that way or he could move again. The stories I have heard about babies flipping late in pregnancy have me mystified. I don’t see how there is room. But it happens. His sister was still head down, with her head pretty low. I’m hoping her head being low means she is more likely to stay there. Who knows. I feel a lot of movement, but it isn’t always easy to tell one body part (or one baby) from the other.

legs head ultrasound

Here you can see B’s legs on top of A’s head

When I was 30-31 weeks pregnant with Benjamin we drove cross country to move to Key West. I could not do that now and I am not quite 26 weeks. We drove 45 minutes to the zoo on Saturday and I was so uncomfortable. Not to mention I have to pee every time I sit down. I love that these babies are growing, but having a hard time bending over to pick things up off the floor this early in pregnancy is crazy. By the time the other kids are in bed I am sprawled on the couch plotting a trip to the furniture store to buy a La-Z-Boy. Not to say that I am miserable with this pregnancy. For the most part I feel really good. I don’t love it as much as I did when I was carrying one, but it isn’t horrible. I just need to take it easier and feel it more at the end of the day. There is more ligament pain as things stretch and lovely varicose veins that pop up in unmentionable places, but it could be a lot worse. I could be shorter, in which case there would be less room and I’m pretty sure I would not be setting my sights on 40 weeks.

In the preparations department things are moving along. A generous friend is sending me some cloth diapers she never used, I ordered some more BumGenius in some girly colors to add to the stash, and I am diligently working on crocheting the blanket for baby boy. My mom is speedily completing one for baby girl and keeping me on track so that they are both done before the babies arrive.

Baby blanket being crocheted by Grandmom

Baby blanket being crocheted by Grandmom

I bought some cute hats at Mommy-Con (totally essential) and won a new Ergo so mommy and daddy can do lots of baby wearing. They will sleep in the pack ‘n play in our room, so that’s covered. I just need some new sheets. I also need a double breastfeeding pillow and most likely a new breast pump. Mine is almost five years old and I can tell it is not the powerhouse it once was. But we could bring babies home tomorrow if we had to. They really don’t need much (but don’t tell Babies R Us or BuyBuyBaby or any other big retailer with lists of “essential registry items”).

Winter babies NEED cute hats (for the pictures obviously)

Winter babies NEED cute hats (for the pictures obviously)


I can’t wait to see these on a baby bottom:)