by countingdowntildaddy


Just a quick update on the twins front. I will include some details here that I might leave out of a Facebook status to spare the truly disinterested. If you’ve clicked on the link to the blog you should know there is a greater risk of reading words like dilate, vagina, and/or mucous plug.

This Wednesday I will be 38 weeks pregnant. I survived the 10-12″ of snow we got here in Kansas last week, but just barely. My anxiety was in full force, and if I had gone into labor I would have had no one to blame but myself. The hospital where I plan to deliver with the doctor I’ve been seeing for approximately 18 weeks is 45 minutes away on a good day. I had no interest in the following snowstorm options:

  • Twin homebirth with my neighbors and husband helping, also known as “The Real Life Army Wives Scenario.” Just not my thing at this point. As far as I knew I still had one breech twin, and while breech twins (especially those bound to be smaller and second in line for birth) can come out quite safely, I would not be as comfortable and relaxed, making things more difficult.
  • Calling an ambulance and being taken to the closest hospital. There is a local hospital here with labor and delivery, but I know nothing of their policies regarding twin birth, nor do I know what doctor they would call in and how he/she would handle twins generally and a breech Baby B specifically. I also don’t know anyone who has had or is planning to have their baby there. Everyone uses one of the hospitals 30-45 minutes away.
  • Attempting to drive and deliver with my doctor. This would actually have been my first choice. The roads would have been pretty empty and the road crews had been working on them all day to stay on top of it. It just might have taken MUCH longer to get there.

To be honest I was a bit of a drama queen that day. I had a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions and could not wait to just go to bed and hopefully wake up to sun and clear roads. Also, my mom was getting to town the day after the storm and her presence will make the logistics with the other three kids so much easier. I have a lot of peace of mind knowing that if things start in the middle of the night we can just leave and don’t have to wake the kids or anyone else.

Last Thursday I had my 37 week appointment. I had a bio physical profile done to check fluid levels and stuff and everything looked great. At 36 weeks our baby girl was measuring a bit smaller than her brother (5 lbs and 5 lbs, 12 oz respectively). That was the first time their estimated weights had been more than an ounce or two different. It was mildly concerning to my doctor, but everything else continues to look great, so the disparity in size is likely due to them being different sexes.  The other good news is that they were both head down! Hopefully they stay that way. Despite feeling a lot of movement, I had no idea anyone had flipped, so I guess he has a little more room for those gymnastics than I thought. At 37 weeks I also consented to a cervical check. I generally don’t get them until maybe 39-40 weeks, but thought it might be helpful to know if anything was happening in that department considering our long drive. That was an interesting conversation:

Doctor: Have you been dilated much before labor with your other babies?

Me: Well, I was 1 cm at about 39 weeks with my first two and 0 cm at my 40 week appointment with my third. I actually went into labor with him about 12 hours after learning that.

Doctor: And how far is your drive here?

Me: 45 minutes.

Doctor: Okay…if you think you are in labor, you should leave.  You are at 4-5 cm.

Me: Really?!?!

Doctor: Yes. So don’t pack a bag, or take a shower, just leave.

Me: Okay…

Sooo glad I did not get checked sooner. I was not mentally prepared for that information. We don’t know how long things have been like that or how long before active labor will start. I’ve heard stories of women being dilated like that for weeks.

It will be “funny” if I carry these babies until their due date. All of my other kids were born on or within hours of their due dates, but I never really saw that as a possibility with twins. That being said, if all of the monitoring shows that they are doing well there isn’t any reason to rush them. I might be losing some of my mucous plug, but I’ve never known if/when I’ve lost it before so I’m not sure. Even if I have, it doesn’t necessarily mean labor is that imminent, but can be a sign.

So, all in all things are moving in the direction of twins being born, but I have no idea when it will actually happen. My husband is pretty ready for this pregnancy to be over and I kind of am too. I’m trying to enjoy the parts of it that I can, like feeling the babies move, but I am looking forward to being able to do things like bend over.

Considering how long it has been since the last post it is unlikely that there will be another one before they arrive, so stay tuned for a post-birth update and the birth story!